So everyone remember the good ole skit jimbo produced about skiing?.. well it made it on newschoolers, and kids are commenting back

" im probably the last person to get mad at someone making fun of me but i just found that kind of cocky and downright offensive. and i do want to see a skier spin like a ballerina on a rail."

response: first off its a box and second of all all cry why dont yah?

"I thought it was funny but it came off kind of douchey. Whatever. Haters will hate and use unoriginal insults like that involve twall and sucking dick. We skiers will continue to do our thing and push the limits."

response: push the limits BRO!

"What a giant fucking douchebag the guy that made that video must be. Seriously? I thought we were over the whole skiing/snowboarding debate."

response: Its too easy.. haha!

"some douche named DenariusMcghee posted this yesterday. he was post whoring everything and in literally every one of his posts he was just hating on NS.I suspect he might be a 13 year old snowboarder"

response: this comment is one is my favorites. no u fucking idiot... hes 21 years old and only took him 13 minutes to make the edit. P.S thank you for the inspiration.

thats all for now. keep posted for round 2! in the mean time enjoy this wonderful edit i found, only took me about 5 seconds to find.
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