spring time photo post.

another classic thorblood shot.
banged the leg up.
jimbo slapped tranny a little to hard

another, super secret location. drank a beer on top of pocatello
sunny pebble days.
pebble creek!
the beer garden
we made a fire. in a secret location. the beer garden.
spring break package.
timmy had a good time
snowmobile expo, got to tour around some old sleds
a montana sled neck honey
timmy showing off his pipes to some girl at the bar.. hahaha
marsyville, montucky
did some night boarding at great divide.
the night life
norman beer. a ram busting through the norman temple with flames. fuck yah
jimbos board vag
Spring Tram laps!

Me and Jordy took some April tram laps. Sunny and a fresh foot

dayum girl