So everyone remember the good ole skit jimbo produced about skiing?.. well it made it on newschoolers, and kids are commenting back

" im probably the last person to get mad at someone making fun of me but i just found that kind of cocky and downright offensive. and i do want to see a skier spin like a ballerina on a rail."

response: first off its a box and second of all all cry why dont yah?

"I thought it was funny but it came off kind of douchey. Whatever. Haters will hate and use unoriginal insults like that involve twall and sucking dick. We skiers will continue to do our thing and push the limits."

response: push the limits BRO!

"What a giant fucking douchebag the guy that made that video must be. Seriously? I thought we were over the whole skiing/snowboarding debate."

response: Its too easy.. haha!

"some douche named DenariusMcghee posted this yesterday. he was post whoring everything and in literally every one of his posts he was just hating on NS.I suspect he might be a 13 year old snowboarder"

response: this comment is one is my favorites. no u fucking idiot... hes 21 years old and only took him 13 minutes to make the edit. P.S thank you for the inspiration.

thats all for now. keep posted for round 2! in the mean time enjoy this wonderful edit i found, only took me about 5 seconds to find.
Courtesy of


Story from: ESPN

Looks like I'm going up to visit the Northwest this year
El Niño conditions like we saw last season seem to get the most media hype because the warming effect tends to cause more extreme weather across the nation, but it might actually be the cooling effect -- or La Niña phenomena -- that benefits snowboarders the most. "We are quite confident that this will be a La Niña winter," says NOAA meteorologist, David Unger. "Therefore the weather in past La Niña winters may be a reasonable guess of what we are in store for this winter."

What La Niña Means For Snowboarders

Mike Basich finds powder every year in Valdez Alaska
During a La Niña you can look forward to it being colder and wetter than normal across North America -- especially in Alaska, Canada, the Pacific Northwest and the Northern Rockies -- with warmer and drier than normal conditions across much of the South. Blocking high-pressure systems over the northern Pacific Ocean can prevent storms from making their way down the West Coast, especially in the fall and early winter, sending most of the moisture into Washington, British Columbia and the northern Canadian and US Rockies. "It typically means big snows for Jackson Hole," says patrol director, Jake Elkins. "Seventy percent of our La Niña years have been above average for snowfall with below average temperatures."
The Southwest can be very cold and dry while the East Coast can see a mixed bag. "La Niña can mean slightly warmer than average high temperatures, variable cold temperatures across the Northeast and sometimes slightly below average snowfall, but it depends on the strength," says Molly Mahar, director of marketing for Loon Mountain Resort. "Some La Niña years have been good for snowfall and others not so good."
The big questions come in the central part of the country, cutting from California, Utah, Colorado, the Midwest to the Mid-Atlantic. In these regions, it could really go either way. "Sometimes you get a mixed picture, such as in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, where El Niño and La Niña appear to have above normal snowfall," says Unger. "This is most likely a sign that there is more variability in El Niño and La Niña years. Looking at the 'snowfall' maps for the Mid-Atlantic states, the composites show only a slight hint of above normal snowfall and inconsistent results in Pennsylvania."

Where To Find Deep Powder In 2011

If you want to take advantage of La Niña and find the consistent deep powder during the 2010/11 season, your best bet would be to head north to Big Sky, Montana, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Mt. Baker, Washington, Whistler, B.C., Banff, Alberta or anywhere in between. You also may want to avoid the Southwest, although colder and drier temperatures in this region could lead to excellent snowmaking conditions.
If you're in the middle of the country or the East Coast, you might get lucky -- or then again, you might not. In the end, if you are a "weather watcher" then you know Mother Nature does what she wants and all this predicting is really just educated guessing. Stay informed with the latest information by reading the
monthly National Weather Service updates on the El Niño and La Niña cycles

hahahha shays drunk status update

last weekend was wild. some of you know the local shred flick COME FIND US premiered in bozeman. It was a shit show to say the least. Ontop of that it was our man jim kats 21 birthday part. which ended up a bigger shit show. some pics from last weekend.

the stoke was high!
can you find wiser?

the start of the night...

shay had a good weekend
to end the weekend, todd n myles went on a hike. and oh yea it snowed the night before.

Dylan Reider

copy and paste it.. its worth it

abuncha MN homies. looks like a sick video


above the clouds!
car broke down... we got stranded in spokane
our second camsite
sea side skatepark. tranny central
this is how we got down to the beach
the crew. cannon beach, or
cannon beach
hood river skatepark. one of my favorites
a crazy tree farm we ran around in. located somewhere in the middle of nowhere
the man himslef.
we got bored n went to the mall.
stuck in spokane

its been along time since there have been many post.
spent some time in oregon
car broke down
did some shredding
did some skateing
went to the ocean
oh and it rained..
and the mountian closed for a few days
but we had fun

MENTHOL MONDAY #15 Jack Thonvold Part from jakedurham on Vimeo.
Jack Thonvold's part from The Joke's Over
Skateboarding Menthol Mondays comin in hot next week!