I hangout in the woods. Everyday. Work's been great. I take breaks like this.
 Made it back to the beach. Sandlife!
 There are circus clowns like this in california. Arcata the town of weed and clowns.
 This was the shitter in a bar in Humbolt. hippies tend to forget to flush.
 pictures like this are everywhere. don't hug trees cut em down.
 Norcal coast looks like oregon coastline.
 the redwoods are unreal.
 and big.
 the office.
 i got a boat.

packed back to this lake. turns out there was snow there still.
 the fishing here is awesome.
Norcal. here is what I have so far. The scenery is amazing. mountains and sunshine. Tons of things to do in the outdoors. The people suck. tattooed flat billed hat bros. hot ladies followed around by more bros. tons of em. and meth head homeless people.